What Is The Gold Rush?

I show people where the money is online and how to get it.

In a series of jaw-dropping videos students will discover the quickest way to go from zero to making commissions online without having to spend one red cent.

Totally newbie friendly and easy to digest - people are gonna eat this up!

PLUS - I will be giving away $5000 in cold, hard cash to one lucky Gold Rusher - they'll collect "clues" during the training and one person will get $5000 from me.

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Upto $83.95 Commissions per Customer!

The Front-End is the $9.95 Gold Rush Training - showing students where the money is online and how to get it. Includes real videos, screen cap videos, Reports and Bonus "Insider Training".

This collection of breakthrough trainings gives people everything they need to start making good commissions online even if they're a newbie. There'll be a live training too where I will give away $5000 in cash.

The first upsell is "The Gold Digger's Tookit" ($47). This is a powerful collection of my best-converting, biggest money-making promo templates they can just swipe, deploy and profit from right away. They also get the "How To Turn Emails into Money Program", "Anatomy of a $500,000 Campaign" and "Secret Psychological Sales Triggers Which Make People Buy".

The second upsell ($27/mo.) is "The Monthly Goldmines Package"
 This gives buyers the licence to use 1239 of my hand-crafted affiliate promotions as their own (plus all ones I ever create in the future).

This includes all the affiliate promos I've ever created and ever will create.

They just copy and paste these into Facebook / a blog / an email and make money.

This is a monthly subscription program and they are getting approx 90+ new affiliate promo messages every single month they can use as their own.

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